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Purpose Statement

It shall be the purpose of the Lance-Lantz-Lentz-Lence People, Inc. to function as a nonprofit corporation committed to the enhancement of the fellowship of all peoples bearing the stated name in any of the varied spellings whether listed in the corporation title or not. The corporation shall organize and hold family reunions for the purpose of fostering the understanding and appreciation of our heritage, locating family members, and strengthening the ties of all participating members. The furtherance of the legacy common to those bearing one of the names shall be part and parcel of the activities of the corporation and shall be promoted in all ways contributing to the common cause.





he main activity of 4L is to hold annual reunions for members.  These reunions are held throughout the southeast United States, where most 4L members live.  At the reunions there is fellowship among members, sharing/discovery of history among the different family branches, a historical forum with 4L genealogists, and a special evening banquet.  Sometimes there are some additional unique heritage activities available, which depend on the reunion's location.  A nonprofit organization, all finances for operating expenses are acquired through donations and a fundraising auction at annual reunions.

Originally membership was open to descendents of four early Carolina Lentz men who were believed to be brothers.  (They were John Lentz, Sr., Peter Lentz, Sr., Dewalt Lentz, and Bastian Lentz, according to John Paul Lentz and other researchers in the book LENTZ HERITAGE.).  However, membership is now open to all Lance, Lantz, Lentz, Lence people or variations of these names.  Membership is also open to the spouses of these descendents. 

Are you interested in joining The Lance-Lantz-Lentz-Lence People?  If you qualify, send an email with your name, mailing address, phone and Lance-Lantz-Lentz-Lence family relation to Don Lance.  There is no charge for membership, and you will be added to the reunion mailing list each year.

Upcoming 4L Reunion Information

Other Family Reunion Opportunities

Occasionally we hear of other family reunions that take place in other parts of the United States.  As part of our purpose of helping everyone to become better aware of their family heritage and to "rub elbows" with some cousins, we list here some other reunion opportunities for you.  4L does not organize these reunions, but we provide these as a courtesy to our members.  Having a family reunion you would like to list here?  Email the webmaster Don Lance with your reunion information!

Organizational Information on The Lance-Lantz-Lentz-Lence People, Inc.

Other Links of Interest

  Resources Available for Lance/Lentz Family Historians! 

Blood Mountain Covenant
By Charles Hill

Charles Hill has published his book on the true story of the infamous murder of the Rev. John Henry Lance, which took place in the Georgia mountains around the beginning of the 20th century.  This would be a collectible for all interested in Lance/Lentz family history.  Click here to find out more information on purchasing Charles' book, Blood Mountain Covenant.

Lentz Heritage Revisited: A Genealogy of Bastian and Dewalt Lentz (2nd Edition)
by Catherine B. Norris and Jeff L. Norris

Designed as an update of the work initiated by John Paul Lentz in Lentz Heritage (1986), this new book names 6,230 descendants of the two German brothers who settled in Rowan County, North Carolina, in the late eighteenth century.  In addition to renaming the 2,930 descendants of Bastian and Dewalt in Lentz Heritage, the new work extends lineages, resulting in the addition of 3,300 more descendants. 

Including spouses and in-laws, it identifies more than 9,400 persons.  The numbering system is based on the one used by John Paul Lentz, facilitating easy reference to persons named in Lentz Heritage.  Hardback, 416 pages.  Fully indexed.  Cost is $53.99 including shipping and handling. 

To place an order, make checks payable to Catherine Norris and mail to: Catherine Norris, 356 Seventh Ave. N. C., Hickory, NC 28601.  Questions?  Contact Catherine at jnorrs@aol.com.

"Ancestors and Descendants of Bastian and Dewalt Lentz" (DVD-ROM)
By Jim Lance

Genealogist Jim Lance has been researching the Lentz/Lance family for many years, and he is providing a copy of his research into the two early Lentz brothers on a computer DVD-ROM.  Currently it contains almost 10,740 individuals, 3,887 families, much historical narrative, many photographs & documents, and detailed information on the sources of the data.  His current DVD contains all his research up to December 28, 2006, and includes numerous maps, drawings and photos.  Jim plans to give updates (as new ones become available) to anyone who purchases the DVD-ROM. 

Potential users of the DVD need to have a fairly up-to-date computer capable of handling DVDs.  Also, computers will need to be using a version of Windows; Apple computers are not compatible.

It is available from Jim for $40 (including shipping and handling) at 9632 Lafayette Avenue, Manassas, VA 20109-3312. 
Questions?  Contact Jim at Lentz1600Bastian@comcast.net.

Lentz Heritage
By John Paul Lentz

Occasionally we will receive inquiries as to if copies of this milestone work still exist for purchase.  Unfortunately the last editions were sold several years ago, and John Paul Lentz has passed away.  The last few remaining copies were donated by his daughter Caroline to various libraries.  There are no future plans for a re-printing of this original book.

If you would like to review this work, the book may be available to you through the inter-library loan program.  Check your local library for details.

Lance-Lantz-Lentz-Lence Genealogy Research

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